GRINDHOUSE Save the Speed Pack

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4 GRINDHOUSE High Quality Wheels of your choice + 8 GRINDHOUSE Super Fast Ceramic Hybrid Bearings (inkl. 8mm Spacer) + ABA Bearing Oil
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GRINDHOUSE Save the Speed Pack

If you like to get the maximum speed dose and you want to keep it very long you shouldn´t hesitate to choose this pack.
In this pack you are able to choose 1 set of our GRINDHOUSE High Quality Wheel Series. The wheels convince through their classic profil with a high grip-level. These wheels are extremely fast and durable! The wheels themselve should make you fast already. But we want to push you to another dimension. Go for a Mute Grap trough a wormhole!

Therefore you also get 8 GRINDHOUSE Super Fast Ceramic Hybrid (ABEC-9) Bearings (incl. 8mm Spacer). Like their name already says these bearings are extremely fast. This high output is possible because of the combination of very hard and tough ceramic balls with chrome steel inner/outer races and a nylon cage.

The durability of these combination is awesome bute we want to make them longer lasting then anything else:-) So we add a 20ml bottle of ABA Bearing Oil to that set!

You get this overdose for only 59,95 Euro. So you save 14,87 Euro!

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