MYFIT Dual Fit Fat Boy Liner Montre Livingston Pro

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heat mouldable, super comfortable, fits almost all skates
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MYFIT Dual Fit Fat Boy Liner Montre Livingston Pro

The MYFIT Fat Boy dual fit liner is the perfect thick liner to fit wider hardshell boots that are commonly used in freeskating or aggressive skating.

All the MYFIT liners feel great from the very first moment you put them on thanks to our 3D anatomically shaped padding made out of a combination of various layers of high end foam materials with different thicknesses and densities, offering the same great comfort and performance day after day. The toe box features a 4-way stretchable SBR material that covers two sizes. It wraps around the foot like a second skin. The liner has a thin toe box but a much thicker heel and achilles padding. In order to protect the liner from wear and tear, we have covered the ankle area with a sturdy PU-leather. The Fat Boy liner with its integrated tongue offers great control as well as perfect fit and comfort.
The lacing on the Fat Boy liner adds extra stability and fixation for maximum control and performance. The lace loops on the liner give two options – to lace just the liner or to connect shell and liner to further improve the heel lock.
The heel area is fully heat moldable and allows you to customize the fit again and again. The Fat Boy scores high with a perfect heel lock and awesome performance.

Recommended for:
All wider fitting hardshell skates with the volume for a thicker liner
Skaters who want performance and function

Here is a quote from Montre Livingston:

"What up world, your Friendly Neighborhood Rollerblader here. Do you jump lots of GAPS? Take tons of impact on landings? Or maybe just looking for that maximum comfort? Well, those are some of the reasons I chose the MyFIT FatBoy HIGH. With its extra-thick padding, it gives complete comfort, especially for that ankle support. And for those who do big gaps like me, I added an extra heel pad to help absorb those harsh landings and keep you skating longer with no aches or pains. Keeping it true to my favorite color, I wanted it to have a simple yet dope design with all white and red accents. Get yours now and give your feet the comfort they deserve. Happy shredding folks, cheers."

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