AO Scooter Sachem 1.2 Complete Black Stuntscooter

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flagship stuntscooter from AO
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AO Scooter Sachem 1.2 Complete Black Stuntscooter

AO’s Sachem is a scooter which any Pro can ride out of the box. It comes with a forged & CNC aluminum fork, Chromoly bar, SCS clamp, super comfortable Raptor grips and 125mm wheels for speed. The deck is 5.2” wide, 20.5” long, has a headtube angle of 83 degrees and stands 36” (920 mm) tall. The Sachem is the first complete scooter with a width of 5.2” and with square tail which makes 50s a snap, gives you more control and eliminates the need for pegs.


  • NEW reinforced neck, HT 83.5 degrees
  • NEW V2 SCS clamp
  • Deck width 5.2" (132 mm)
  • Deck length 20.5" (520 mm)
  • 125mm spoked wheels
  • NEW Chromoly T Bar 26” Tall x 24” Wide
  • NEW Diamond V2 aluminum fork
  • Raptor Slims Grips
  • Square tail
  • Rear plugs with integrated nut
  • Weight: 9.4 lbs. (4.2 kg)
  • Steel flex brake

See AO SCOOTER Street Jam in Nürnberg:

Specifications for AO Scooter Sachem 1.2 Complete Black Stuntscooter

Overall-Height 91,0cm
Overall-Weight 4250g
Bar-Material Chrome Steel
Bar-Height 660mm
Bar-Width 650mm
Clamp-Size Quattro
Gabel-Construction One-piece
Fork-Thread No
Compression-Typ SCS
Deck-Material Aluminium
Deck-Length 20,5" (52cm)
Deck-Width 5,2" (13,2cm)
Wheel-Diameter 125mm
Wheel-Corematerial Aluminium
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