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TRANSFORMER Ice Blades V2 Freestyle

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Transform your Inline Skates into Ice Skates - fits majority of the inline frames up to 280mm that are designed to be used with wheels 72mm to 90mm.
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TRANSFORMER Ice Blades V2 Freestyle

With this pre-sharped blades you are easily able to turn your Inline Skate into an Ice Skate. Just open the package and take out the two blades with its 16 spacers. Then bring the parts into the right position on your skate frame and fix it with your regular 8mm axles. And "baaamm" your Ice Skates are ready!

This blade is designed to give a similar feel on the ice that you would have on your wheels. This is the most versatile ice blade and is perfect for practicing inline skating year round, Freestyle / Slalom / Artistic skating as well as for recreational skating.

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