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MATTER G13 2017 Wheel 100mm/F1 (86A)

(Order ID.: ROMAT4-236)

The ultimate speed and racing inline skate wheel - maybe the best wheel in the world!
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MATTER G13 TR3 Wheel

The original G13 was the most developed wheel our sport had ever seen. Countless testing, discussion, re-testing, feedback, and then the constant drive to continue to develop a consistent product every time has led G13 to more National, European and World titles than every other wheel combined over the past three racing seasons.

Its often said that winning is the easy part, staying number 1 is much harder. So for 2015 MATTER wanted to ensure their position as the most high performance wheel in the market. To do this they called on the experience of their wheel engineer, Neal Piper. Dating back to the early 1990's Neal has been the man behind more successful inline race wheels than anyone.

They looked at their strengths, and wanted to build on them, looked at their weakness' and wanted to eliminate them. Many people saw the prototype wheels that their team was using during the season, well that was the birth of the new G13. As with everything they test it using their race team. They are the hardest testers in the world, they spend so much time training that they are equally as hard on their equipment, and if its good enough for Bart Swings, its good enough for you!

The key to this is the Stored Energy Ring Technology (SERT). " This is an amazing piece of engineering, so better to let Neal explain it, "One of most important structures in any inline racing wheel is the transition layer where a softer structure joins with a much harder mounting base.  This is very critical energy management zone for a wheel. At this critical hinge or pivot point, the power of the  push and the “stored rotational energy” within the deflected tire cannot be lost.  If a transition or mounting layer between the PU tire and harder plastic hub is built correctly, it allows a perfect balance between tire flexibility and energy release across the entire wheel."

The MATTER team wanted more, roll and better wear out of their G13. They gave them that, and on Saturday the 27th of September, it took Bart only 58:10 to show everyone what we've been working on.

Specifications for MATTER G13 2017 Wheel 100mm/F1 (86A)

Diameter 100mm
Hardness 86A
Shape Speed
Colour White
Recommended Use Speed / Racing
selling unit piece