ROCKER 3 Knight Mini BMX + Freecoaster

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Advance Mini BMX with taller gearing for higher speeds & much bigger jumps + Freecoaster
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ROCKER 3 Knight Mini BMX + Freecoaster

The latest trend form the United Kingdom - Mini BMX for Kids and Adults!

We think that the Galaxy ROCKER 3 Mini BMX is one of the most stylish Mini BMX ever released!

New - now comes with The all-new Rocker BMX "JT Coaster". Fully sealed bearings, revolutionary new drag mechanism and internal 4 position slack setting that can be adjusted easily without taking the hub apart.

Basically speaking a freecoaster allows you to pedal your Rocker forwards as you would normally. However when you go backwards i.e. fakie the pedals do not rotate, allowing you to coast freely in reverse (going backwards has always been EXTREMELY difficult to do on a miniBmx due to its small size and the riders natural centre of gravity).

With the small version of a BMX you can do a lot of tricks and you will have much fun riding flatland, doeing jumps and slides in the streets or in the skatepark. Because of the deep structure and the fat air tires you will have your ROCKER Mini BMX always under control. Frame, handlebar, and the ROCKER patended wheel hub are made of high quality, rigid chrome steel. The ROCKER 3 comes with a taller gearing (28/9) allowing higher speeds and much bigger jumps. With higher jumps came higher impacts so ROCKER designed a brand new 3-piece crank which takes far more abuse. A shorter back end makes spinning a whole lot easier & the softer compound tyres will give you more confidence to throw bigger tricks.


  • A Mini BMX is a fun sport device without a brake which is not approved for road traffic.
  • It is delivered 80% assembled. All parts must be tightened before use. For the assembly you need 5mm and 6mm allen keys. You also need 15mm, 17mm and 19mm ring/open spanners and lost but not least a pump with a schrader attachment ( normal BMX / car Valve). An english instruction manual is in every ROCKER Mini BMX Box.
  • Because of the rim/tyre construction without spokes a wobble can appear and should be accepted.

Specifications for ROCKER 3 Knight Mini BMX + Freecoaster

Weight 8,36kg
Cranks Three-Piece
Cranks - Material Chrome steel
Bar - Width 711,2mm
Bar - Height 254mm
Bar - Material Chrome steel
Pegs Not included
Frame - Material Chrome steel
Wheel - Size 10"
Wheel - Type Air tire
Gear ratio 28/9
selling unit Piece
Freewheel Freecoaster