USD Carbon Franky Morales

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Franky's third pro model from USD comes with clear KIZER Fluid IV frames, GAWDS 58mm/90A wheels and ABEC 5 bearings
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USD Carbon Franky Morales

After the huge success of the first and second USD Carbon Morales, Franky is getting a new pro skate - his third USD Carbon Pro model. It is available as complete with the new Kizer Clear Fluid IV Pro Frames (incl. UDC 44mm Grindrocks) and GAWDS 58mm/90A signature wheels made in USA. For first time the shell is made out of basalt fiber, which is same strong, durable and lightweight as the rest of the USD Carbon fiber shells but more environmental friendly and with a beautiful and unique black matt finish. The bottom and lower sidewalls are still reinforced with carbon and kevlar layers.

The new upper is made out of heavy duty ballistic nylon and the though shinny patent leather, including a new tongue with more padding redesigned by Franky himself. The new USD Carbon Franky Morales means a further step into the skate design standards becoming USD's new high end model. The new Carbon Franky Morales is USD's best skate yet.

“I wanted to go again in the direction for a sneaker look combining the black patent leather and the nylon mesh, low volume, nice and sleek.

I changed the tongue, made it a bit longer to avoid pressure points when doing unitys or pornstars. The padding is also reworked, bit softer and more comfortable. With the new cut and pattern also the wrap around your foot is perfect so the control even better, so you can fully enjoy the performance of the carbon skates.

My complete skate will come with my new clear Kizer pro frame which I tested in cold weather and hot weather. Super durable on gaps. Frame slides good on ledges and rails same as other materials.

I got to say my skates are looking really awesome!! Definitely out of the norm. Can’t wait for this one Super juiced!”

- Franky Morales Aka Kidboyikid

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Specifications for USD Carbon Franky Morales

Skate type Aggressive
Boot Carbon Franky Morales
Boot Construction Hybrid
Closure Lacing + Buckle + Velcro Straps
Heat Moldable Boot
Liner Not removeable
Shockabsorber Yes
Cuff USD Carbon Cuff
Soulplates USD Carbon/Imperial
Backslideplate integrated
Frame KIZER Fluid 4 Clear
Frame type Antirocker
Wheels (outer positions) GAWDS Morales Signature
Outter Wheels Diameter 58mm
Outer wheels hardness 90A
Wheels (inner positions) UNDERCOVER Grindrocks II (Plastic)
Inner Wheels Diameter 44mm
Inner wheels hardness -
Bearings USD
Bearing precision ABEC 5
Brake Nein
Weight in size 42 1,6 KG
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