Universal Custom Skate Creator

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Create your the setup of your dreams and save 10% on the total price! You can choose out of our complete product range.
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Universal Custom Skate Creator

Compose the skate of your dreams by yourself and save up to 10%. (NOTE: On already discounted products no further 10% discount will be granted.)

You can choose any kind of frames: Freestyle-, antirocker-, flat- and powerblading-frames! All combinations are possible: You can choose a flat-frame together with grindrocks in the middle position. Because grindrocks need no bearings you can also choose "**no bearings**" for the middle wheels. It is even possible to choose no wheels and bearings for the middle position. If you choose a frame which already has grindwheels or grindblocks you can choose wheels and bearings for the middle position anyway, so you can create a flat-setup with an antirocker frame for example.

You can choose from our entire range. Choose boots, frames, bearings and wheels and check how the price changed.

(The skates are delivered unassembled!)

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