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SEBA Trix White

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Ultra precise and lightweight - meet the high-end freestyle weapon from SEBA
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SEBA Trix Pro

SEBA's Trix Pro Freestyle Inline Skate has been specially designed for maximum performance in the freestyle/slalom area.

The extremely high-quality workmanship and the materials characterize the skate. Performance at a very high level is the motto here. Due to the carbon fiber boot, it is one of the lightest inline skates of the SEBA series. Every small movement is passed on to the frame precisely and without any loss of power.

Until size EU 39 the skate comes with 231mm frames and 76mm wheels. From size EU 40 it comes with 243mm frames and 80mm wheels.

Specifications for SEBA Trix White

Skate type Freestyle / Slalom
Boot SEBA Trix Pro
Boot Construction Hybrid
Closure Lacing + Buckle + Velcro Straps
Heat Moldable Not possible
Liner Integrated
Shockabsorber No
Cuff SEBA Triangle Cuff
Frame SEBA V Rockered Alu 231mm
Frame type Rockered
Wheels (outer positions) SEBA Trix
Outter Wheels Diameter 76mm (on skate size EU 37-39) / 80mm (on skate skate size EU 40-47)
Outer wheels hardness 85A
Wheels (inner positions) SEBA Trix
Inner Wheels Diameter 76mm (on skate size EU 37-39) / 80mm (on skate skate size EU 40-47)
Inner wheels hardness 85A
Bearings SEBA ABEC 9
Bearing precision ABEC 9
Brake No
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Availability/Prices for SEBA Trix White

Available as/Avail. Price
EU 37 / US 5 / UK 4 Out of Stock 588,19 EUR
EU 38 / US 6 / UK 5 Out of Stock 588,19 EUR
EU 39 / US 7 / UK 6 Out of Stock 588,19 EUR
EU 40 / US 7.5 / UK 6.5 available 588,19 EUR
EU 41 / US 8 / UK 7 available 588,19 EUR
EU 42 / US 9 / UK 8 available 588,19 EUR
EU 43 / US 10 / UK 9 available 588,19 EUR
EU 44 / US 10.5 / UK 9.5 available 588,19 EUR