SEBA C.J. Wellsmore Carbon Pro 2015

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SEBAs step into the aggressive market! This 2015 version comes with abrasion pad and improved liner!
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SEBA C.J. Wellsmore Carbon Pro 2015

The brand new SEBA Street Skate is made with carbon fiber, and will be one of the lightest aggressive inline skate of the market; very comfortable and very stiff, it gives a perfect ankle support and a good flexion at the same time. Thanks to the rockering system, the SEBA street frame can be mounted with up to 4X64mm wheels. It comes originally mounted with antirockers, CJ.Wellsmore 60mm wheels and SEBA Twincam MW9 - the MW series are with 7 balls, very strong, with a great spin and grade 9.

Weight of one skate based on size EU 42 = 1,74 kgs

SIZING INFO: Above (as detail image) you'll find a picture showing a sizing table with the length of innersoles used in SEBA skates. This length only refers to the real length of innersoles and NOT(!) to the length of your feet. Because of the thick padding in SEBA skates you should deduct ca. 5mm of the innersole length to get the correct size.

CJ’s comments about his skates:
  • I can wear these skates for the whole day, and never want to take them off
  • The skates look good on everyone, and everyone looks good with them
  • The center of balance is perfect on these skates »
  • Carbon + Fiber glass, for increased rigidity and response
  • Integrated liner; lighter, more comfortable, and more precise
  • Customizable & UFS compatible boot (Soul plates, frames, Double Straps, buckles…)
  • Heel Shock Absorber
Frames & Soulplate:
  • 3 Sizes of soulplates: S (36-40), M (41-43) and L (44-47)
  • Frame accepts MAX 64mm wheels, and features an Optimized Groove
  • Frame Length (1st Axle to 4th Axle): Small (36-40) = 250mm / Medium (41-43) = 260mm / Large (44-47) = 270mm
Wheels & Bearings:
  • SEBA TWINCAM MW9 Bearings: MW series made out of 7 balls, for resistance & grade 9, for good speed
  • CJ wheels 60mm/88A
  • Antirockers

Here you'll find more detailled information about aggressive skates in general


CJ Wellsmore - Park-Rat from Dom West on Vimeo.

Antony Pottier – “Park-Rat” SEBA Street Edit from SEBASKATES on Vimeo.

Specifications for SEBA C.J. Wellsmore Carbon Pro 2015

Skate type Aggressive
Boot SEBA CJ Wellsmore Pro 2015
Boot Construction Hybrid
Closure Lacing + Buckle + Velcro Strap
Heat Moldable Not possible
Liner Not removeable
Shockabsorber Yes
Cuff SEBA CJ Cuff
Soulplates SEBA CJ Soulplate
Backslideplate Integrated
Frame SEBA CJ UFS Frame
Frame type Antirocker
Wheels (outer positions) SEBA CJ Wheels
Outter Wheels Diameter 60mm
Outer wheels hardness 88A
Wheels (inner positions) SEBA Grindrocks (Plastic)
Inner Wheels Diameter 40mm
Inner wheels hardness -
Bearings SEBA MW9 Bearings
Bearing precision ABEC 9
Brake No
Weight in size 42 1,7kg
selling unit pair

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EU 43 / US 10.0 / UK 9.0 Out of Stock 252,06 EUR
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