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ROCES 5th Element UFS Nils Jansons Storm BootOnly

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The remake of the top seller from the 90s, with UFS and many improved features - now available as Nils Jansons STORM edition!
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ROCES 5th Element UFS

Anyone who was on aggressive skates before the turn of the millennium did not pass this skate. The Fifth Element made by ROCES was the measure of all things. Back then, ROCES was the undisputed market leader and raised the bar for new skates. Now in 2019, ROCES is pushing its way back into the aggressive market, and after the M12 models it's going to hit the spotlight with the 5th Element.

The only thing reminiscent of the 5th element of the past is the look. Technically, the skate is at the level of today, because it has been improved on every corner.

The shell is made of two different PU materials. The lower part is very stiff and gives the skate the stability and support that an aggressive skate needs. The upper part where the eyelets are, is made of a softer mixture and therefore forms optimally around the foot without causing pressure points.

Of course, the liner was also adapted to today's standards. The ROCES Comfort Liner comes with Memory Foam and Dual Shockabsorber and promises best comfort and support. The foot has a firm hold and is well supported by the heel lock padding.

The Soulplates are reminiscent of the VALO 2-Piece Souls and can easily be exchanged

Specifications for ROCES 5th Element UFS Nils Jansons Storm BootOnly

Skate type Aggressive
Boot ROCES 5th Element (Bimaterial shell - 47% cornstarch-based PU)
Boot Construction Hardboot
Closure Lacing + Buckle
Heat Moldable Not possible
Liner ROCES Comfort Liner mit Memory Foam & Dual Shockabsorber
Shockabsorber Yes
Cuff ROCES 5th Element Cuff (Hard PU)
Soulplates ROCES 2-Piece Soulplates
Backslideplate Integrated
Frame Mounting UFS
selling unit pair

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