POWERSLIDE Tau Carbon 90

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The Tau 90 is the face of a new era! It´s the first Triskate used for freestyle skating.
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POWERSLIDE Tau Carbon 90

Bigger wheels make sitting tricks easier and allow you to lift your heel and toe higher. The management of the balance on one wheel is easier and you are also able to get a higher speed for your tricks. The Tau 90 offers different rockering options which a regular 4 wheel skate can´t offer. You are enabled to rocker just one wheel or two wheels on your skates. You can even rocker your left and right skate in a different way to optimize your freestyle skating!

Benefits of the Trinity concept are:
Better Power Transfer - because of the powertriangle formed by the 3 mounting points
Stronger - because the forces are spread over 3 mounting points
More Control - due to the strong 3-point connection of boot and frame
Easier Skating - the powertriangle also helps you with weight transfer
Lower Center of Gravity – means more control and safer skating
X-Slot mounting to customize the frame position under your boots
Fatigue Control – significant reduction of vibration avoids exhaustion of muscles

Attention! The length of the frame and the size of the wheels match the size of the skate.

38-39: 215mm Katana Rocker Trinity Frame / 8.5″
40-41: 225mm Katana Rocker Trinity Frame / 8.9″
42-46: 235mm Katana Rocker Trinity Frame / 9.3″




The Trinity carbon shell sets a new standard in the freeskating world. It´s the first carbon shell made by compression moulding like you know it from carbon parts made for the formula 1 cars or carbon frames and parts of high end race bikes. This manufacturing process enables us to reduce the weight of the shell by making the shell thinner but still increasing the overall strength compared with carbon shells made by regular wet lamination. Another benefit of the compression moulding process is the possibility to create shell designs with sharp contours which you only know from injected composite parts. The shell of the Tau skate is not symmetric as most of the shells you can find for skates. Our shell is perfectly shaped and anatomically built for left and right feet in order to create a better fitting and performance of the skate. The bottom of the shell is ventilated to keep your feet fresh.

The cuff was designed with support in mind. It´s made of a special composite compound that is super stiff thanks to the 15% fiberglass, which was mixed into the material. An integrated arch stiffens up the side to provide perfect lateral support. The long wings of the cuff can be cut if the skaters leg is too thin. The strap passes through a channel to keep it in place and to avoid slipping and flipping.


The patented Powerslide Katana rocker aluminium frame is a top of the line frame made of high end 6061 aircraft aluminium. It is based on a double voided construction. The extra ribs between the wheels increase the stiffness and help to lower the weight. The frame is very well balanced and super stiff thanks to its special TRINITY 3-point mounting construction and general distribution of the forces through 3 mounting points. The Katana frame gives you the opportunity to rocker the center and rear wheel or just one of them. A laser printed arrow on the head of the axle indicates if the wheel is rockerd up or down. The Katana 3x90mm rocker frames vary in length depending on the size of the Tau boot in order to optimize the set up for your freestyle skating. The Katana frame comes in 215mm, 225mm and 235mm length. The frame scores with superior finish. Its equipped with 8mm single axles incl. T25 torx head made of 7075 aluminium and special rocker axles. The CNC finish of the inside & outside of the frame is different setting a statement. Nice laser prints are “our” standard for this high end frame. The combination of the across slot in the frame and the along slot in our boots is called the X-Slot Mounting. This system enables you to adjust the boot-frame setup without any dead spot according to your skating style and preferences. This special feature is unique in the FSK skate category! Powerslide is the ONLY skate brand that offers the skater the possibility to adjust the position of his frame fitting the personal preferences and skating skills!


The Tau comes with UNDERCOVER (UC) by Matter 90mm wheels. UC wheels are exclusively poured for Powerslide. They are created with the most durable, fast and grippy PU and the finest core compounds available in the industry. All proudly made in USA, Huntington Beach, the cradle of skating. The wheels of the Tau skate feature a bullet profile and are poured in a hardness of 88A to give you a long lasting and fast, but grippy wheel. It doesn’t matter what you do on your skates, whether it’s sliding, grinding, jumping or cruising, if you want the best quality there is only one choice: UC by MATTER, the ultimate wheel brand. For more information check out the Undercover by Matter website under: http://www.undercover-wheels.com/



WICKED (WCD) is a new high end bearing brand specializing in all kinds of rollsport. WCD is made of the best available raw materials and crafted with high quality to guarantee a fast and smooth ride but also a long lifetime. WCD Twincam ILQ9 classic bearings are superior in quality and performance. The ILQ9 classic bearing features two rubber coated metal shields. The bearing contains 6 chrome steel balls. High viscosity Kyodo grease which is made in Japan is used for this high tech bearing. For more information check out the Wicked website under: www.wicked-hardware.com


Specifications for POWERSLIDE Tau Carbon 90

Skate type Freeskate
Boot Tau Carbon
Boot Construction Hybrid
Closure Lacing + Buckles
Heat Moldable Not possible
Liner Integrated
Shockabsorber No
Cuff POWERSLIDE Composite Nylon Cuff
Frame POWERSLIDE Trinity Katana Rocker
Frame type Rockered
Wheels (outer positions) UNDERCOVER
Outter Wheels Diameter 90mm
Outer wheels hardness 88A
Wheels (inner positions) UNDERCOVER
Inner Wheels Diameter 90mm
Inner wheels hardness 88A
Bearings WICKED Twincam Freespin ILQ-9 Classic
Bearing precision ABEC 9
Brake No
Weight in size 42 1,4kg
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