POWERSLIDE Kaze SC 110 2018

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The 2018 3-wheel version of the Kaze skate featuring the 3-point Trinity mounting takes skating to the next level: Super low center of gravity and super direct
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POWERSLIDE Kaze SC 110 2018

You will feel like you're flying in the wind when you're skating the Kaze SC 110. This awesome looking Triskate is fast and agile. The Trinity 3-point mounting absorbs a lot of shocks and vibration. It's almost like skating in the clouds. Trinity keeps you super low to the ground meaning although you have big wheels you will still have a lot of stability. Furthermore, Trinity skates are much easier to control and offer a much better power transfer. Trinity is the next level - we bet you will feel the difference!

Trinity is a new pat. pending asymmetrical 3-point mounting system for skates. This has been achieved by shifting the two front mounting points to the outside of the frame forming a channel for the wheels. With wheels getting bigger the skate became higher and therefore instable. The Trinity mounting now allows us to reduce the center of gravity of the skate drastically by about 10mm compared to common skates with a standard mounting system in the same wheel size.

Trinity is a new milestone in skating providing an unmatched and all new skating experience! The Trinity composite shell is not symmetric as most of the shells you can find for skates. Our shell is perfectly shaped and anatomically built for left and right feet in order to create a better fitting and performance of the skate. The shell is made out of a special nylon composite with fibreglass mixed into the material. This makes the shell strong and supportive. The bottom of the shell is ventilated and incorporates the X-design to guarantee torsion stiffness and perfect power transfer for each stride.

Benefits of the Trinity concept are:
Better Power Transfer - because of the powertriangle formed by the 3 mounting points
Stronger - because the forces are spread over 3 mounting points
More Control - due to the strong 3-point connection of boot and frame
Easier Skating - the powertriangle also helps you with weight transfer
Lower Center of Gravity – means more control and safer skating
X-Slot mounting to customize the frame position under your boots
Fatigue Control – significant reduction of vibration avoids exhaustion of muscles

Specifications for POWERSLIDE Kaze SC 110 2018

Skate type Freeskate
Boot Kaze
Boot Construction Hybrid
Closure Lacing + Buckles
Heat Moldable Not possible
Liner Integrated
Shockabsorber No
Cuff POWERSLIDE Composite Nylon Cuff
Frame POWERSLIDE Elite Trinity Alu Frame
Frame type Flat
Wheels (outer positions) POWERSLIDE Spinner
Outter Wheels Diameter 110mm
Outer wheels hardness 88A
Wheels (inner positions) POWERSLIDE Spinner
Inner Wheels Diameter 110mm
Inner wheels hardness 88A
Bearings WICKED Freespin
Bearing precision ABEC 9
Brake Upgradeable
Weight in size 42 1,7kg
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