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High-end freestyle skate with a heat mouldable padding and carbon shell
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POWERSLIDE Hardcore Evo 2.0 80
The HC Evo, our flagship freestyle skate, just got better. The extra heel rise makes your freestyle skating even easier. It's a pure freestyle skate for top level and advanced skater. This skate is well known for its great fit right out of the box and heat moulding custom fit option to optimize the fitting, which is unique in the freeskate world. High quality materials guarantee a long lifetime of your skate. The HC Evo comes with Spider Pro rockered aluminium frames, Spinner wheels and Twincam ILQ 9 classic bearings from WICKED. The best of the best.

The shell of the HC Evo shoe has been reinforced internal with extra layers of unidirectional carbon fiber and kevlar material which makes the shell super strong and resistant to withstand torsion forces and other impacts. The HC Evo skate is the most light weight carbon freeskate in the market. We integrgated an extra 5mm heel lift to the shell which makes it easier for you to practice certain tricks, because you need less energy to hold your position. The outside of the shell is covered carbonfiber material featuring silver colored threads which give the skate a unique and cool look. All Powerslide carbon shells are heat mouldable due to a special epoxy that is used in our shell construction. SHMR is also known as Super Heat Mouldable Resin enables us to heatmould the boot at any spot of the shoe as many times as needed.

The Trinity cuff gives the skater maximum lateral support thanks to his “arcade-construction” on both sides which shows a big cavity from front view. This unique construction provides extra stiffness while keeping the overall weight of the cuff very low. The cuff extension can be customized, means shortened to your personal needs. The added strap loop keeps the strap in place.

Upper & Liner:
Our PU nanoleather upper material is soft, but very strong and resistant. This outstanding material wraps around the foot like a sock. We use neoprene and microfiber materials for the inside lining which provides max. comfort The HC Evo is a “no-liner” boot which helps to transfer the energy directly from the foot to the wheels without any loss of energy. The upper provides much more flex now thanks to the new construction of the upper. We added big flex cuts to the front and the heel and took our some chemical sheets. The upper can now follow the movement of the cuff when bending to the front and rear which improves the skating performance. Our 3D anatomical padding is placed strategically around the ankle area, but also the tendon area of the shoe to provide maximum comfort. Extra “banana-shaped” pads support the heel lock. The new speedfoam used for the padding is another advanced material. This foam is soft, but not too soft to absorb energy yet very comfortable. Step in and feel well from very first minute you wear the boot. The speedfoam padding does not take away space inside the shoe where you would need it, but fills up the empty spaces to give more comfort and control. This new padding makes the boot more comfortable without any compromises in the overall performance.

The HC Evo boot features thick round laces which are easy to grab and a powerstrap placed anatomically on top of the toe box. Our Universal Flap used for the 45° closure is micro adjustable on both sides. The flap is ergonomically pre-shaped and features a micro injected padding to reduce the pressure on the foot of the athlete.

The Powerslide Spider Pro aluminium frame is a top of the line FSK frame made of high end 7005 aluminium. It is based on a double voided construction. The extra ribs between the wheels increase the stiffness and help to lower the weight. The frame is very well balanced and super stiff. The range of Spider Pro frames covers 219mm, 231mm and 243mm length – all rockered. The frame comes with single axles with T25 torx head made of 7075 aluminium. The Spider Pro frames come with a laser print and a CNC machined finish which gives the frame a unique look. The combination of the across slot in the frame and the along slot in our boots is called the X-Slot Mounting. This system enables you to adjust the boot-frame setup without any dead spot according to your skating style and preferences. The length of the frames used for the HC Evo skates varies with the shoe sizes in order to optimize the performance of the skate.

Powerslide Spinner wheels are Super High Rebound (SHR) wheels that give the skater all they need - fast roll, good grip, long lifetime. The hub with the small dots is very strong and durable construction. The size of the hub is matched with the size of wheel needed.

WICKED Twincam bearings are superior in quality and performance. The ILQ9 classic bearing features two rubber coated metal shields. The bearing contains 6 chromesteel balls. High viscosity Kyodo grease which is made in Japan is used for this high tech bearing.


Attention! The length of the frame and the size of the wheels match the size of the skate.

Sizes 36-39: 219mm / outside 72mm, inside 72mm
Sizes 40-41: 231mm / outside 76mm, inside 72mm
Sizes 42-46: 243mm / outside 80mm, inside 76mm

Specifications for POWERSLIDE HC Evo 2.0 80

Skate type Freeskate
Boot Construction Hybrid
Closure Lacing + Buckles
Heat Moldable Boot
Liner Integrated
Shockabsorber Yes
Cuff POWERSLIDE Trinity Cuff
Frame POWERSLIDE Spider Pro Aluminium Frame
Frame type Flat
Wheels (outer positions) POWERSLIDE FSK Spinner Wheels (ATTENTION: Wheel size depends on skate size!)
Outter Wheels Diameter 80mm
Outer wheels hardness 85A
Wheels (inner positions) POWERSLIDE FSK Wheels (ATTENTION: Wheel size depends on skate size!)
Inner Wheels Diameter 76mm
Inner wheels hardness 85A
Bearings WICKED Twincam ILQ9
Bearing precision ABEC 9
Brake Upgradeable
Weight in size 42 1,45kg
selling unit pair

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