ADAPT Hyperskate GTO Complete 3x90

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Very high quality, handmade carbon/nubuckleather freeskate
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ADAPT Hyperskate GTO Complete 3x90

English Original Description from ADAPT:

The ADAPT GTO Hyperskate is the brainchild of skate designer Pieter Wijnant.  Being obsessed by hand build hypercars for most of his life, Pieter used his passion and knowledge to create the ultimate hyperskate. By using the same technology and mindset the hypercar industry uses, the ADAPT GTO is the pinnacle of skate design.

Inspired by the prancing horse, the name GTO was given to the ultimate skate.

The GTO race series had no limitations and was banned from motorsports for being too dangerous.  All GTO cars that were built were left with no other purpose than to raise the bar for every car ever made. The ADAPT GTO is a skate with no other purpose than to raise the bar for every skate ever made.

The GTO shell consists of the Hyperskate Diolene shell, finished with extra layers of black twill 3k carbon for improved responsiveness and a dark look. Like all Hyperskate models, the GTO features the Quattromount. The Quattromount is the most versatile mount in the industry as it fits both 165mm frames and 195mm frames as well as the new Symetrics Quattro frame. The mount also provides an extremely low center of gravity, with the wheels as close to your feet as possible.

The skin is made out of black Hydro Nubuck leather, made specifically for ADAPT by a Dutch tannery. The look of the skate is finished with details in smooth Italian leather with the GTO badge embroidered on the heel.

The GTO skate also features the On-steam lining material. This high performance lining material is 10x as durable as real leather and 3x as thin, resulting in a very close feel to the foot and increased responsiveness. Tested by Pieter himself for over 2 years with no signs of visible wear and tear.

The SYMETRICS Hyperframe is CNC cut out of 7075 billet aluminum and features a perfectly centered mount to create the ultimate feeling of control. The completely intact frame walls and triple bridge make sure that the Hyperframe is the strongest on the market. The Hyperskate Zero is completed with the Symetrics Superfast wheels 90mm/90A and GO PROJECT Crown bearings.

The Crown bearings come with a copper ‘Crown Spacer’ which slots into the centre bore hole. The Crown system enhances performance by reducing the intake of external elements, spreading the load of the rider across a wide plateau creating greater energy efficiency and shifting the position of the bearing away from the frame walls and deeper into the wheel, resulting in less damage and contamination from road debris.

The GTO package also includes new aluminum CNC machined strap/bolt protectors.


  • Dutch Hydro Nubuck leather skin
  • Integrated high performance On-steam lining
  • High density memory foam
  • Mysole ‘Hyperskate’ insoles
  • Cut-to-size straps, Canadian waxed laces


  • Lightweight, impact absorbing Diolene shell and extra Twill carbon layers with integrated cuff
  • Thermoplastic shell and tongue (how to heatmould)
  • Quattro mount fits165,195mm and new Symetrics Quattro frames


  • SYMETRICS Hyperframe
  • SYMETRICS Superfast 90mm/90A wheels
  • GO PROJECT Crown Bearings

Specifications for ADAPT Hyperskate GTO Complete 3x90

Skate type Freeskate
Boot Hyperskate GTO
Boot Construction Hybrid
Closure Lacing + Velcro Straps
Heat Moldable Boot
Liner Not removeable
Shockabsorber Yes
Cuff integrated
Frame SYMETRICS Hyperframe
Frame type Flat
Wheels (outer positions) SYMETRICS Superfast Wheels
Outter Wheels Diameter 90mm
Outer wheels hardness 90A
Wheels (inner positions) SYMETRICS Superfast Wheels
Inner Wheels Diameter 90mm
Inner wheels hardness 90A
Bearing precision ABEC 9
Brake Upgradeable
Weight in size 42 1,5kg
selling unit pair

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