ESCEND BLADES Alpha V1 Electric Skates Platforms + FR FR1 Boots

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Meet the World’s First Electric Inline Skates - step into the next level of urban transportation and pure fun!
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ESCEND BLADES Alpha V1 Electric Skates Platforms + FR FR1 Boots

For many years ESCEND worked on the realization of the first electric inline skates - and now they are finally available: The ESCEND BLADES Alpha V1 Electric Skates!

More precisely, we're talking about "platforms" that consists of aluminium frames, two wheels, the electric drive, the built-in battery and the control unit. With this platform you can now "electrify" your own skates in no time at all. Race at up to 25km/h over the asphalt, lean into the curves, carve like a slalom skier or just use it for easy and comfortable commuting!

Here you get the ESCEND BLADES Alpha V1 Electric Skates Platforms together with a pair FR FR1 boots. The FR1 boot is one of the sturdiest hardboots on the market. Built-in aluminium plates in the bottom of the boot provide very direct feeling and a solid and stiff connection between boot and frames. The wide shells and thick padded liners provide a super uncomplicated fit.

ESCEND BLADES Alpha V1 Electric Skates Platforms are built extremely compact. The drive is on the rear axle, right in the core of the wheel. 53mm wide and 105mm large solid rubber wheels provide a completely new skate feeling with grip in every cornering position, which, thanks to the electric drive, makes skating effortless even on uneven terrain. Even wet ground and dirty country lanes become absolutely skateable. The 70A soft and profiled solid rubber wheels make it possible!

With the help of the included remote control the speed can be infinitely adjusted via a rotary wheel and set in in three driving modes. The rotary wheel is spring-loaded and thus provided with counter-pressure. If you simply let go of the rotary wheel, it automatically returns to the zero position, the motor immediately stops accelerating and the speed decreases. If you now move the rotary wheel in the opposite direction, you activate the brake function. A safe stop is therefore possible at any time.

At level 1 (Eco) with moderate acceleration you can reach approx. 10 km/h, at level 2 with a little more acceleration power it is already approx. 18 km/h and at level 3 with full motor power you can even get up to 25 km/h . Uphill skating is possible up to a gradient of 20%. In addition, the drive direction can be reversed, so all three modes can also be selected when going backwards.

A lot of information is shown on the illuminated display of the remote control. E.g. battery status of the two platforms and the remote control, the total and daily kilometers, as well as the set driving mode and the current speed.

BY THE WAY: ESCEND BLADES Alpha V1 Electric Skates Platform fit for all inline skate boots:
From the factory the platforms fit all inline skate boots with a classic 2-point frame mount (165mm and 195mm hole spacing, with the rear mounting point being higher than the front).
Do you have a skate boot with UFS (2-point frame mount with 165mm hole spacing, with both mounting points at the same height) or Trinty (3-point) frame mount? With the respective separately available adapters, the platforms also fit easily on these inline skate boots!

The assembly is very easy. Thanks to the longitudinal holes on the mounting points of the frame, you can even adjust the position of the platforms on your boot (if necessary) to adjust it to your own preferences. (Tip: Mount the boots further forward on the base for more stability or further back for more agility.)

Always in Motion

At ESCEND we encourage you to push your imagination to the limit and venture out beyond the normal. Experience innovation and join us on a journey for a more sustainable future.

Limitless Skating

ESCEND BLADES feature compact and powerful battery packs capable of taking the rider up to 15km on a single charge. The 800 watts of deliverable power by the rear-wheel hub motors can tackle major hills and rough terrain giving you the freedom to travel anywhere.


ESCEND BLADES are powered by a rechargeable battery, they do not emit greenhouse gasses and have no emissions. Not only are they a fun mode of transport, but another great feature is how quiet they are not contributing to any noise pollution. 

?Fewer crowds on the streets and roads are a friendly solution. Together we can continue to improve urban and natural environments whilst having a fun eco-friendly time.

Travel Freedom

ESCEND BLADES can be comfortably taken onto public transport to elevate your commuting, as they are almost the same dimensions as regular inline skates. Escend Blades are Air-Travel Certified, and our battery is removable adhering to air-travel guidelines, you can travel internationally with your blades and skate abroad. Their compact design means they can fit in a cabin-friendly suitcase if you’re going minimal.

Riding Modes

  • Eco: Casual relaxed skating experience ideal for beginners, top speed of 10km/h
  • Commute: Faster-relaxed way of commuting, top speed of 18km/h 
  • ?Turbo: Unlock the sports mode, top speed of 25km/h
  • ?Reverse: Swap the direction and skate backwards

Technical Specifications

Skate Specs:

  • Maximum Speed: 25km/h
  • Maximum Range: 15km / 9 miles
  • Hill Climb: 20% Gradient 
  • Motor Power: 800W (400W x 2)
  • Motor Type: Hub Motor, Back Wheel
  • Riding Modes: 3 (Eco, Commute, Turbo)
  • Charge Time: 
  • 1hr. 15 mins (20% - 80%)
  • 2hr. 15mins (20% - 100%)
  • Charger: 25.2 V, 2.5 A. 
  • Battery: 2 x 5.2 Ah
  • Wheels: 105mm, 70a Hardness
  • Bearings: WICKED Chrome Steel, ABEC 9
  • Frame: Aerospace-Grade Aluminium
  • Recommended Max Load: 100kg
  • Water and Dust Protection: IP66 Certified 


  • Braking: Regenerative 
  • Brake Location: Rear Wheels of Skates
  • Acceleration Control: Spring-Loaded


  • ?A lightweight, 60g Wireless remote made from impact-resistant ABS Plastic.
  • Vibration Notifications: 50% and 25% Battery left
  • Braking: Tactile Vibration
  • Charge Time: 30 - 45 minutes (100%) 
  • Charger: USB-C

Boot Mount:

  • Mounting: 2-Point System
  • Mount Length: 160mm to 195mm
  • UFS Boots: Yes, with adapter (get them here)
  • Trinity Boots: Yes, with adapter (get them here)

What's included:

  • 1 pair ESCEND BLADES Alpha V1 Electric Skates Platforms
  • 1 pair FR FR1 boots
  • 2 charger for the platforms
  • 1 Remote control (incl. USB-C charger)
  • Tools (hex tools)
  • Users manual

      Specifications for ESCEND BLADES Alpha V1 Electric Skates Platforms + FR FR1 Boots

      Skate type E-Skate
      Boot FR FR1
      Boot Construction Hardboot
      Closure Lacing + Buckles
      Heat Moldable Not possible
      Liner FR Liner with Premium Insoles
      Shockabsorber Yes
      Cuff FR Cuff
      Frame ESCEND BLADES Alpha V1 Electric Skates Platforms
      Frame type Freestyle
      Frame Mounting 2-point 165mm
      Wheels (outer positions) ESCEND Silicone Rubber Tires
      Outter Wheels Diameter 105mm
      Outer wheels hardness 70A
      Wheels (inner positions) -
      Inner Wheels Diameter -
      Inner wheels hardness -
      Bearings WICKED Freespin
      Bearing precision ABEC 9
      selling unit pair

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