KIZER Level III Powerblading Frame Pack white

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Powerblading Ready-2-Roll Pack - Really fast rolling while still being able to grind for a special price!
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KIZER Level III Powerblading Frame Pack White

The brand new Kizer Level III is out now. Enjoy combining rolling with your grinding like never before!

The Kizer Level 3 has breached the gap between big and small wheels. No more do you have to be limited by speed or ability to grind. The Kizer Level 2 showed that any trick is possible even with 76mm wheels. Now the same design team that brought you the Kizer Level 2 presents the Kizer Level 3. A 72mm flat frame that has been designed with careful attention to logic and physics to allow you a frame that performs perfectly for aggressive skating, while giving you a much needed boost when it comes to speed. Kizer continues its legacy as the frame company that isn’t afraid of pushing into new territories, and the Level 3 frame is the latest in a series of evolutions in frame technology.

The KIZER Level III Powerblading frame is only available in one size - it fits to all skate sizes. And of course it features UFS what means you easily can mount this frame!

This framepack contains one pair KIZER Level III PB Frame, UNDERCOVER PB 72mm/88A wheel (wheel colour and hardness may vary!) and GRINDHOUSE Super Fast ABEC-9 bearings. It is the perfect combination. Due to their speed radius top and the special urethane this wheel gives amazing speed and is unbeatable for Powerblading. If you buy all parts separately you'd pay 169,75 Euro. So you save 49,80 Euro.

Axles, Spacers and Framespacers are included!

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