KIZER Advance Powerblading Frame-Pack black I

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Powerblading Ready-2-Roll Pack - Really fast rolling while still being able to grind.
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What is Powerblading? Here you'll find a detailled explanation...

KIZER Advance Powerblading Frame-Pack

Simplicity and speed is the key to this frame. The worlds strongest Freeskate frame made of KIZER Fluid material. It is designed to take aggressive skating into the future.

This framepack contains the KIZER Advance PB Frame and UNDERCOVER Powerblading Team 80mm/86A FR wheels. It is the perfect combination. Due to their full radius top and the special urethane this wheel is unbeatable for Powerblading. Additionally you'll get 2 sets of GRINDHOUSE Super Fast ABEC-9 bearings. If you buy all parts separately you'd pay 169,75 Euro. So you save 39,80 Euro.

The KIZER Powerblading frame is only available in one size - it fits all skate sizes. And of course it features UFS what means you easily can mount this frame at home for cruising to the skatepark. Arrived at the skatepark you just have to put your aggressive-frames onto the skates again.

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