At our store, you will find everything related to inline skating. We carry all major inline skate brands and offer numerous packages for beginners to professionals. Customize your skates or choose from our in-house GRINDHOUSE editions. We have a huge selection of inline skates, boots, frames, wheels, bearings, protective gear, and clothing from the skate scene.

We offer a particularly wide range of aggressive and urban skates. Not only do we stock the big well-known brands, but also small manufacturers are part of our assortment. Our range of recreational/fitness and power skates is also expanding. We have a special focus on 3-wheel skates as well. The so-called tri-skates are becoming increasingly popular and are here to stay.

We take pride in our inline skate accessories, especially the products from our in-house brand "GRINDHOUSE". We produce wheels, bearings, and our own skate wax.

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General Informations about our products

Not only for beginners it should be interesting to learn more about the parts of inlineskates, frames, wheels and bearings. Here we also explain the structure of the skates and parts in our assortment.

On our homepage you can find a lot of general informations about:

Inline Skates




If you want to know how to mount a frame or how to put bearings into a wheel just check our assembly instructions:

Assembly instruction for KIZER Suspension frame

Assembly instruction for wheels and bearings

Assembly instruction for a complete skate setup(RAZORS G7)

How to mount a fully disassembled RAZORS Genesys

How to mount a fully disassembled USD Classic Throne



General informations about wheels

An aggressive wheel consists of a plastic core, which is connected with the outer urethane. The urethane contains the bearings and builds a solid basis of the wheels to lead them perfectly in the frame. All different urethane mixtures on the core across to the skater a particular skating feeling, depending on producer and mixture: It could be hard, soft, handy or fast – you can find everything in the range of the producers.

A hardness grade of a wheel is stated in "A" (shore hardness). As a rule aggressive wheels are between 85A and 105A. The higher the number, the harder the wheel. Wheels for skating are between 85A und 95A hard. Grindwheels are between 98A and 105A hard.

Soft wheels have a higher ride comfort as an uneven underground can be compensated easily. Besides this soft wheels have more road adherence (more grip). Naturally, it gives a more comfortable feeling to end up on the street after very high jumps. But their disadvantage is that they quickly fast up and therefore build a wider surface which leads to a higher friction and therewith to less speed. Soft wheels have approx. 85A until 88A.

Hard wheels offer a skating comfort which is not that high but give a direct skating feeling, slightly higher speeds and less scuffing. Durability is especially important for aggressive skating – therefore, hard wheels are preferred. Hard wheels have approx. 89A until 92A.

A size of a wheel is stated in "mm". Mostly, aggressive wheels for skating have between 53mm until 60mm. Most of all 55mm, 56mm and 57mm wheels are used. On the other hand, Grindwheels have 40mm until 50mm.

The bigger a wheel the higher speeds can be reached. But all so higher a wheel is road performance seemed to be groggy and stilted. If you use smaller wheels you have less speed but direct ground contact. The latter is what an aggressive skater is looking for. If the transmitted feeling is correct, the tricks will succeed!

All urethane-mixtures differ from wheel to wheel. The combination of different materials vary from producer to producer and naturally all manufacturers are committed to their own mixtures. We do not have any wheels in our range in which we do not believe. In our online shop you can only buy good and very good wheels.

All aggressive wheels in our online shop

Assembly instruction:

If you want to know how you have to put a bearing correctly in a wheel we made a assembly instruction with pics

Click here to check the assembly instruction

General informations about bearings

With Aggressive InlineSkates only bearings in 608 Z format are used (standard bearing). The construction of the bearings from several suppliers is always the same: The bearing consists of an inner ring (with 8 mm inner diameter), an outer ring and a cage which holds the balls and keeps them at bay. The balls move exactly between the outer and inner ring. Cage and balls are lubricated to have a longer durability, to increase speed and smoothness.

The bearing is protected against dirt and dust through a cover disc (shield) . Mostly, these cover discs are removable to allow cleaning and servicing of the bearing. Cleaning work is extremly high and is normally not made from a skater. You use the bearings as long until they do not roll in a free way anymore. Then they will replaced by new ones. There are also covering discs which should protect from water and thus from rust. But a bearing will never be completely closed and rust-free. The cover disc needs to have too much play to the inner ring otherwise the bearing would not roll. The cage which keeps the balls is often made of plastic or metal. Balls are always made of steel.

The quality unit of InlineSkate bearings is stated in „ABEC“. ABEC means Annular Bearing Engineering Committee, a Technical Committee of American Bearing Manufacturers Association (ABMA), an association of American bearing producers. The measure effects in different steps: ABEC 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9.

----> The higher a ABEC-step, the more quality a bearing has!

To have a very fast bearing it should be oiled. But it elapses and therefore attracts dirt and dust. In contrast to lubricant: It lasts long in the bearing but it is hardly fast.

The best solution is very fine lubricant, as it combines the qualities of oil and lubricant. To have a very good skate not only the bearing has to be good. A lot depends on spacer, frame and certainly wheels. A first-class wheel in combination with a first-class bearing, driven precisely through spacer and framewasher in the frame, allow the most frictionless sprint.


All bearings in our onlineshop



Assembly instruction:

If you want to know how you have to put a bearing correctly in a wheel we made a assembly instruction with pics

Click here to check the assembly instruction