BE-MAG Issue 42

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BE-MAG Ausgabe 42


For this issue we have been holding back on some of our most exciting stories.

See the world through the lens of our reporters Pietro Firrincieli and Dominik Wagner as they explore the planet, and let Kevin Dowling take you on a wine tour along with the Footage Tape crew. Take a second to reflect on what it actually is that we call blading, through the case study of our columnists Brian Krans and Frank Stoner. Catch some air time and discover the circus life with mega ramp aficionados Dave Lang and Brian Shima on their tour with Flic Flac across Germany. As for inter­views, we shot Chris Farmer a Quickfire Round, took a look into the future with Carson Starnes, and wondered what it felt like to be one of the best bladers in the world with David Sizemore. Not to mention our classic Soul Stealing section, and many more cool surprises!


  • Column: The many names of Rollerblading
  • Showtime: Brian Shima & Dave Lang
  • Tourlife: Mexico by Pietro Firrincieli
  • Quickfire Round: Chris Farmer
  • Layers of a Wine Tour
  • Column: Rollerblading Faggots
  • Soulstealing
  • Evolution: David Sizemore
  • Who’s next: Carson Starnes
  • Best of Tourlife: Dominik Wagner

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