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AO SCOOTERS Stealth 3 Deck Copper

(Bestell Nr.: ESAO100)

Stealth 3 Deck in 4 3/4" und in roter Lackierung
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AO SCOOTERS Stealth 3 Deck Copper

The AO Stealth deck received a complete makeover for 2016. The New Stealth3 is 4 ¾” wide (120 mm), comes with a redesigned forged neck, new brake and an extra wide flat area in the front for easier lock and grind for nose blunts. The light weight but super strong design features U-shaped welds which avoid cutting through and weakening the deck. The wide neck base provides extra leverage and creates a solid connection to the deck.

AO also redesigned the brake making it shorter, lighter and now able be adjusted using only 1 hand/tool. It has two brake positions allowing the user to fit both 110 and 125 mm wheels. The deck base is flat from edge to edge, utilizing the full grinding area.  Raised grind rails minimize friction and rounded edges on the sides are finger and ankle friendly.


Available in 2 sizes: 22.5” and 23.5”



-          NEW 4 3/4 “ wide deck (120 mm)

-          NEW extra wide nose blunt area

-          NEW sealed dropouts in front

-          NEW adjustable brake (125 mm ready)

-          NEW shorter and flatter brake

-          Fully integrated

-          U-shaped welds

-          All flat bottom

-          Raised grind rails

-          Rounded edges

AO SCOOTER Street Jam in Nürnberg:

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