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POWERSLIDE Swell 110 Yellow Flash

(Bestell Nr.: ISPS734-PS-510011)

Innovative Fitness-Skate Technologie aus dem Hause POWERSLIDE!
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POWERSLIDE Swell 110 Yellow Flash

Mit dem Swell bringt POWERSLIDE einen Fitness-Skate auf den Markt, der vor Innovationen nur so strotzt.

Für das "Gerüst" des Boots wurde ein Mix aus aus Nylon und Fiberglas verwendet. Die Konstruktion des Bodens macht den Skate extrem steif und reaktionsfreudig. Die Kraft wird ausgeprochen gut übertragen. Der neuentwickelte Cuff unterstützt diese Eigenschaften noch dazu.

POWERSLIDE ist der erste Hersteller der das Power-Knit Material bzw. die Welding Technologie (Modellabhängig) bei InlineSkates einsetzt. Es ist ultra-leicht, atmungsaktiv und passt sich wie eine zweite Haut an jede Fußform an.

Um das Innenleben, also die Polsterung, mit dem Außenmaterial und der Schale zu verbinden wurde eine ganz neues Herstellungsverfahren entwickelt. Das Ergenis ist eine auf der ersten Blick simple One-Piece Konstruktion, die es aber in sich hat. Es ist weder ein reiner Hard- oder Softboot - es verbindet die Vorteile beider Welten. Die Polsterung an den Knöcheln macht den Skate besonders bequem, dank der verschiedenen Polstermaterialien in unterschiedlichen Härten passt sich der Skate sofort an den Fuß an.

Die Vorteile der 3-Wheel Technologie sind mittlerweile weltweit bekannt. Dies erklären wir nochmal in dem Detailbild oben.

Für ein schnelles Rollerlebnis sorgen die POWERSLIDE Infinity Rollen und WICKED Kugellager.

Wenn Dir das nicht genug Infos sind... nachfolgend findest Du die original Produkttexte von POWERSLIDE. Hier wird jeder Punkt noch einmal ausführlich erläutert:


The SWELL is a revolutionary inline skate specially designed for intense fitness training.

To deliver a real fitness experience we knew we had to innovate on every level, so we started from scratch. From inside out, every compound has been meticulously redesigned to improve the comfort and maximize the performance. By including only the most essential elements, we created a sophisticated and minimalistic skate yet more efficient and advanced than any other skate available in the fitness segment. We did this by bringing new technologies that had been accessible only to an elite of professional speed skaters.

With the Powerslide SWELL collection a whole new way to experience inline skating is created. It doesn’t only score with its extraordinary design, but also with perfect and comfortable fitting. Our skates are made for fast and intense skating and they will help you unleash your full potential, no matter if you skate for 5 km or 42 km, in perfectly paved tracks and rinks or in the city streets. You will experience skating as you never did before.


Many studies point to inline skating as the Nº1 calorie burning activity. With the current boom of fitness culture, the growing popularity of outdoor sports and sportswear, as well as new healthy food trends, it’s about time people embrace the fact that inline skating has returned as the best thing to stay fit.

FITNESS SKATING is one of the best full body workouts you can get. It helps to perfectly shape your body by strengthening your legs and back, with low impact on the joints. Skating is not only more fun than the gym, but more exciting and less harmful for the knees than running and a more complete exercise than cycling, and the best part is it’s really fun, you will actually enjoy every single minute of your workout.

Advanced shell - The power comes from the inside.

The inner shell is probably the most remarkable component in the Powerslide SWELL skates, not only does it work as the base that connects and supports the whole boot but its precisely engineered shape keeps your heel locked- in and improves your stability right from the bottom.

We used a special nylon composite with fiberglass mixed into the material, resulting in a light yet exceptionally strong and supportive structure that can’t be achieved with ordinary plastics. The bottom of the shell also incorporates our unique cross ribs design to guarantee torsion stiffness and perfect power transfer for each stride. But the most innovative feature of our shell is the asymmetrical construction. Unlike ordinary fitness skates our shells are perfectly shaped and anatomically engineered for left and right feet in order to create a better fitting and performance of the skate, resulting in a extremely comfortable and responsive boot.

It features the standard 165 mm frame mounting and includes the Powerslide X-Slot mounting plates which enables a precise adjustment of the frame to the sides and to the front and back, allowing the skater to customize the frame/ boot position for the most optimal skating experience.

A simple cuff with unmatchable performance

The next generation of Powerslide cuffs are sleek and light but very supportive, with solid lateral support and the right amount of front and backward flex.

The cuffs are made out of a special nylon composite with added fiberglass to meet the requirements of stiffness and repeated flex necessary for fitness skating. The asymmetrical design of the cuff paired with the v-cut shape in the back, works as the perfect extension of the shell and adds further strength to the construction.

We included our extensively tested top buckle, a trustful and effective fast lock buckle with a new female buckle receptor that sets a new standard in boots closure systems.

Power knit Upper

Powerslide is the first company integrating a Power knitted textile into an inline skate. This ultra-light and breathable high performance material reduces weight and adapts to different foot shapes wrapping seamlessly around your foot like a flexible second skin. The strong heavy waxed and flat laces are connected to metal eyelets and kevlar® wires crossing the Power knit upper to transfer all the pulling power and keep your foot always locked in the right place without any pressure points.
Models with Power knit upper: BW 110, Mint 110, Blue 100, Red 100. 


Welding technology

Powerslide is integrating the seamless welding technology into an inline skate. The ultra-light and breathable nylon mesh reduces weight and adapts to different foot shapes wrapping seamlessly around your foot like a flexible second skin. The strong heavy waxed and flat laces transfer the power to the lacing area, smoothly welded by heat to the mesh without any stitching or extra layer, keeping your foot always locked in the right place without any pressure points.
Models with welding upper: Black 125, Peach 125.

Built-in Lining - Just the right amount of padding, right where you want it.

One of the biggest challenges we faced was how to integrate the shell with the upper and the inner padding. It was not possible to achieve the level of responsiveness we were looking for with a traditional hard shell and a removable liner construction so we developed a new manufacturing process to combine the technology used in high quality speed racing skates with our unique power-knit and welding uppers. The result is a simple, one piece construction, with a smooth join between outside and inside, upper and lining. The Powerslide SWELL skate is not fully a hard boot or a soft boot skate and still it has the best of both worlds.

The ankle padding for Swell skates was designed with comfort as the main objective. In order to endure short intense trainings but also to allow you to wear your skates for a longer period of time. All the Powerslide SWELL skates feel great from the very first moment you put them on thanks to our 3D anatomically shaped padding made out of a combination of various layers of high end foam materials with different thicknesses and densities, offering the same great comfort and performance day after day.

Why skate something that gets in the way of achieving your goals? Forget about stinky and puffy liners that result in unresponsive and floppy skates. The Powerslide SWELL skates will give you that extra boost when you need it the most but also provide a painless and comfortable fit for those long distance skating days. Go further, harder and repeat. The Powerslide SWELL skates help you perform your weekly training and still enjoy every single moment you are in your skates.

Triskate Frame - When less means more, way more.

The Powerslide 3 wheel frames are a decisive unique feature to all Powerslide SWELL skates. Three big wheels offer a bigger footprint with more PU in contact with the ground and more response out of the corners. So that’s why less wheels mean more grip. Also three wheel frames can be lower and shorter than traditional 4 wheel frames with smaller wheels, making it easy to maneuver and control your stride, and with the middle wheel right under the center of gravity, turns are easier and the whole skating experience feels more natural. All these features make it easier to adopt a proper skating habit and help you learn advanced techniques such as the double push. An additional benefit is the less weight which makes skating more fun and less energy consuming, allowing to skate for a longer time and improving your endurance.

The Unity frame is made out of a single piece of strong 6063 heat-treated T6 aircraft aluminum, lighter and lower than any other fitness skating frame in the market. This results in better stability and more control. The frame uses 8mm allen key axles. Models with Unity frame: Peach 125, BW 110, Mint 110, Blue 100, Red 100.

The TripleX is the stiffest frame that we have in our 3 wheel frame collection. It’s made of 6061 aluminium. The X-trusion of the TripleX frame is a high tech construction. The X-Box Technology™ of the frame add strength to the frame where needed and reduces the overall weight as much as possible. The frame comes with M7 single torx axles. Model with TripleX frame: Black 125.

The combination of the across slot in the frames along the X-slot in our boots enables the skater to adjust the boot/frame setup without any dead spots according to their skating style and preferences. This special feature is unique in the fitness skate category.

PS SWELL Wheels - The perfect balance of speed, grip and rebound.

We have developed a special PU formula for all Powerslide SWELL wheels to guaranty high durability, unparalleled grip and maximum speed.

The core with solid spokes transfers all the power from your legs to the ground providing an excellent push and stride. There is the right amount of PU over the hub to take away shocks and vibrations of the roads, but thanks to the long lasting and super high rebound urethane, these wheels are a great choice for fast pacing and also for long distance skating.

One of the main benefits of Triskates over 4 wheel skates is they allow for a bigger size of wheels: 100, 110 and 125 mm. Bigger wheels not only last longer than small wheels, but also provide a more comfortable roll with less vibration. Experienced skaters chose Triskates because they can reach higher top speeds but at the same time Triskates are a better choice for beginners because they allows to skate over any surface and ground imperfection without problems, minimizing the risk of falls and improving the confidence.


3×100 mm wheels offer more control and faster acceleration. With smaller wheels the center of gravity is lower and the frames are shorter resulting in the most maneuverable and agile setup of the whole Powerslide SWELL collection, optimal for powerful urban skating and short intense sessions. It is also a great option for beginners or inexperienced skaters because the 100 mm still provide a more pleasant roll than traditional 4×80 mm wheels skates and less stress on the ankles than bigger wheel setups. 3×100 mm is our most conservative setup but it guaranties fun and performance at the same time.


3×110 mm wheels is probably the most popular 3 wheel setup with the best balance of frame length, height and speed, resulting in a great choice for any kind of training and environment, for short or long distances. The short frames offer a very maneuverable and agile skating experience and a very smooth roll over any surface, with a lot of grip and fast acceleration and rebound. Doesn’t matter what you do in your skates, you can’t go wrong with 3×110 mm.


The 3×125 mm wheel setup offers a fair balance of frame length and height and gives unparalleled speed. 125 mm are the biggest wheels you can fit in inline skates but thanks to the very tight frame you are not higher than in a 4×100 mm wheels setup. This fairly maneuverable and agile setup offers a great skating experience in any situation, but it really shines in long distance routes, maintaining your speed better than any other wheel size and providing unmatchable top speeds and the most cushion to roll over any surface. There is nothing close to a 3×125 mm setup, it guaranties tons of fun and once you get used to it, you will never go back to anything smaller!


WCD Precision Bearings

 The Powerslide SWELL skates feature WCD freespin bearings lubricated with light grease. They have a strong and solid steel cage and 7 steel balls which are honed and finished to perfection to guarantee a smooth and nice roll. WCD are the bearing of choice of the fastest man of the planet on inline skates: Bart Swings, professional speed skater and multiple world champion.

To extend the lifespan of your bearings always keep them clean and well lubricated. For further instructions watch the tutorials in our PowerslideTV channel or contact your local skateshop for additional help.

Powerslide SWELL Black 125, Peach 125, BW 110 and Mint 110 models feature WCD Abec 9 freespin bearings. Powerslide SWELL Red 100 and Blue 100 models feature WCD Abec 7 freespin bearings.



Technische Daten für POWERSLIDE Swell 110 Yellow Flash

Skate-Typ Freizeit / Fitness
Oberschuh POWERSLIDE Swell Black
Oberschuh Konstruktion Softboot
Verschlusssystem Schnürung + Schnalle + Klettverschluss
Hitzeformbar Nicht möglich
Innenschuh Integriert
Schockabsorber Nein
Schaft POWERSLIDE Swell Cuff
Schiene POWERSLIDE Unity Aluminium 255mm Frame
Schienen-Typ Flat
Rollen (außen) POWERSLIDE Infinity
Rollen (außen) Durchmesser 110mm
Rollen (außen) Härte 85A
Rollen (innen) POWERSLIDE Infinity
Rollen (innen) Durchmesser 110mm
Rollen (innen) Härte 85A
Kugellager WICKED Freespin
Kugellager-Präzision ABEC 7
Stopper In Lieferumfang enthalten
Gewicht in Größe 42 1,5kg
Verkaufseinheit Paar

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Erhältlich als/Verf. Preis
EU 36 / US 3 / UK 2 Leider ausverkauft 159,95 EUR
EU 37 / US 4 / UK 3 Leider ausverkauft 159,95 EUR
EU 38 / US 5 / UK 4 Leider ausverkauft 159,95 EUR
EU 39 / US 6 / UK 5 Leider ausverkauft 159,95 EUR
EU 40 / US 7 / UK 6 Leider ausverkauft 159,95 EUR
EU 41 / US 7.5 / UK 6.5 Leider ausverkauft 159,95 EUR
EU 42 / US 8 / UK 7 Leider ausverkauft 159,95 EUR
EU 43 / US 9 / UK 8 Leider ausverkauft 159,95 EUR
EU 44 / US 10 / UK 9 Leider ausverkauft 159,95 EUR
EU 45 / US 11 / UK 10 Leider ausverkauft 159,95 EUR
EU 46 / US 12 / UK 11 Auf Lager. Sofort versandfertig. 159,95 EUR
EU 47 / US 13 / UK 12 Leider ausverkauft 159,95 EUR