POWERSLIDE Puls 3x125 Trinity

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Handgefertigter Boot, für maximale Kraftübertragung und hohe Geschwindigkeiten
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POWERSLIDE Puls 3x125 Trinity

Der POWERSLIDE PULS Skate ist die perfekte Kombination aus Leistung, Komfort und einem außergewöhnlichen Preisleistungsverhältnis. Ausgestattet mit POWERSLIDE TRINITY System, designed für maximalen Krafttransfer und Stabilität bei hohen Geschwindigkeiten, ist dies einer der schnellsten Skates auf dem Markt.



PS Carbon-/Glass-fiber Trinity, PAIN FREE


Lightweight materials for our high performance handmade boot

The PULS skate features a trinity mounting system which is the new standard for mounting systems. Stiffer and more stable it will redefine your skating experience. It is also designed to minimize fatigue during skating because it takes away vibration from the skating surface. The shell is constructed of Carbon-fiber and Glass-fiber to ensure a very light, while at the same time, and exceptionally stiff base for the skate.

The upper of the PULS skate is constructed using nano-leather which has been engineered to be extremely lightweight and durable. It provides a stable wrap around for the foot to support it during skating.


Poron padding for more comfort and control

The positioning of the padding is the boot is critical to skating performance. Our 3D anatomical padding is placed strategically around the ankle and tendon area of the shoe to assure the most secure ankle and heel fit. We have done this development with our custom boot maker, Sergio McCargo who has many years of boot making experience. Poron padding is not taking away space inside the shoe where you would need it, but fills up the empty spaces to give more comfort and control. Poron Urethans were originally designed for medical purposes to provide custom foam cushioning and comfort which is essential. We chose a slow recovery urethane for our racing shoes – a unique custom contouring material. This material rebounds slowly when compressed, which results in a custom fit during each use.


Adjustable ratchet buckle to optimize the power transfer

To ensure a good fit the PULS skate uses waxed laces and a “Icon” micro adjustable ratchet buckle, which holds your foot perfectly in place and giving the skater a nice supportive and safe feeling, which is needed to optimize the power transfer.


The Rapid frame is manufactured using a combination of an extrusion process and CNC machining to ensure that every detail is built to perfection. The tried and true material of aircraft aluminum is the perfect material thanks to its extremely rigid properties, and keeping weight to an absolute minimum. The Frame on the PULS skate is 12,8” / 325mm in length and will hold 3x125mm wheels. The axels use a Torx T25 head and made from 7075 aluminum.


The PULS skate features our race proven Infinity PLUS wheels. These wheels have been designed to match the characteristics from some of the world’s best racing wheels. The Infinity PLUS wheels are made using our Race Performance (RP) Urethane. They utilize an inner band, which maximizes every push without any sacrifice to the rolling performance. On the PULS skates the wheels are 125mm in diameter and have a shore hardness of 88A.


Wicked (WCD), is a new hardware brand and the PULS skate features the ABEC 9 bearings. For more information on WCD visit www.wicked-hardware.com

Technische Daten für POWERSLIDE Puls 3x125 Trinity

Skate-Typ Speed
Oberschuh Puls Trinity
Oberschuh Konstruktion Hybrid
Verschlusssystem Schnürung + Schnalle
Hitzeformbar Ja
Innenschuh Nicht herausnehmbar
Schockabsorber Nein
Schaft Integriert
Schiene POWERSLIDE Rapid Trinity Frame
Schienen-Typ Flat
Rollen (außen) POWERSLIDE Infinity Plus
Rollen (außen) Durchmesser 125mm
Rollen (außen) Härte 88A
Rollen (innen) POWERSLIDE Infinity Plus
Rollen (innen) Durchmesser 125mm
Rollen (innen) Härte 88A
Kugellager WICKED Freespin
Kugellager-Präzision ABEC 9
Stopper Nachrüstbar
Gewicht in Größe 42 1,5kg
Verkaufseinheit Paar

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