DOOP Orange Sunset 80

(Bestell Nr.: ISDOO004-PS-909043)

City-Cruiser mit innovativem Trinity Mounting - mit den eigenen Schuhen "einsteigen" und los geht's!
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DOOP Orange Sunset 80

DOOP Orange Sunset 80 inline skates are designed for an urban environment and will give you a fast & eco friendly lift from A to B. They come with the new Trinity 3-point mounting to maximize the control and minimize the ride height while commuting.

This skate is equipped with the POWERSLIDE 4x80mm casted Elite frame, fast rolling and gripping POWERSLIDE 80mm Spinner wheels and fast WCD ABEC 7 bearings.

The size-adjustable DOOP Step-in skates are convenient, comfortable & easy to handle, as you can skate wearing your own shoes. Roll fast and shine bright with outstanding features like powerful LED lights, reflective stickers and a secure height adjustable braking system for maximum safety.

Make it a DOOP day!

Technische Daten für DOOP Orange Sunset 80

Skate-Typ Freizeit / Fitness
Oberschuh DOOP
Oberschuh Konstruktion Step-In
Verschlusssystem Schnallen + Klettverschluss
Hitzeformbar Nicht möglich
Innenschuh -
Schockabsorber Ja
Schaft DOOP 2-Piece High & Low Cuff
Schiene POWERSLIDE Elite Casted 9,6" (243mm Radstand), max. 4x 80mm
Schienen-Typ Flat
Frame Mounting Trinity
Rollen (außen) POWERSLIDE Infinity Doop Wheels
Rollen (außen) Durchmesser 80mm
Rollen (außen) Härte 83A
Rollen (innen) POWERSLIDE Infinity Doop Wheels
Rollen (innen) Durchmesser 80mm
Rollen (innen) Härte 83A
Kugellager WICKED
Kugellager-Präzision ABEC 7
Gewicht in Größe 42 1,5kg
Verkaufseinheit Paar

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EU 36-42,5 / US 3-9,5 / UK 2-8,5 Sofort verfügbar 210,04 EUR
EU 43-49 / US 10-15 / UK 9-14 Sofort verfügbar 210,04 EUR