General information about choosing the correct size

How do I choose the correct size?

Especially for the beginners of our sport it is quite difficult to choose the correct size while ordering. Here we try to help you finding the correct size and give you tips for trying them at home.

We recommend to choose a size which fits the current shoesize (like described below) and not to choose a size to grow in (e.g. 3 sizes bigger). In general InlineSkates will expand a little bit while skating and will fit your feet through sweating and moving. Even though it is very important that your feet have a strong hold.

Those who are still in process of growing should choose 1-2 sizes bigger, than in usual sneakers. Most InlineSkates are padded very well and seem to fit smaller than sneakers. As mentioned above InlineSkates will expand a little bit while skating. If the skate seems to big then, you can put in a addional insole or wear thicker socks.

Our "older" customers whom feet won't grow anymore should choose max. one size bigger. Please note that your InlineSkates will expand and adjust to your feet.

But we also want to remark that the perfect fit depends on the shape of your feet.


How should I try my new skates?

Please do not ever judge the size while the Skate is not completely laced! As you can see on the picture, your foot will automatically slide a few centimetres forward through the thick padding at the beginning. So after you have entered the skate, it is completely normal that your toes will touch the front of the liner and you will have the impression that the skate is too small.





After you have laced the Skate completely, you can see that the foot has been pulled back again into the thick padding and you can feel the comfortable fit. At the beginning, we recommend to lace the Skate a bit tighter.






If you only try the Liner, you will observe the same phenomenon as with the Skate unlaced. You will always have the impression that the liner is too small, as the foot is pushed forward. So trying on only the liner is not possible.






Before you try on the skates, please unfasten all laces and do not pull the strap, as it is not designed for big forces and could rip off. Grab the liner at the side and at the same time pull the tongue upwards. An overall tightness is normal at the beginning, as the padding needs some time and some pressure to adjust to your feet and to guarantee a perfect fit. But anyway, this should not feel painful. Your toes should not touch the front of the liner. (PLEASE NOTE!! This of course only applies if the Boot is completely laced and the Buckles are closed!)

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