How can I order?

Ordering at is very simple...

You can narrow your selection down by choosing a brand and /or category. This way, you'll quickly find your desired products.

Or you can just enter a search word into the "shop search" article field, and you will get all products related to your search.

  • E.g. you enter the words "kizer typ m" and you will see all KIZER Typ M Frames or all skates that have some KIZER Typ M Frames mounted.
  • or you can enter the article-number from our catalogue and you will be displayed the product you are looking for. (e.g. "KLGH042" for our GRINDHOUSE "Original 1995" Tee)

After that you can choose your size, colour and quantity. To complete your order our system will lead you through the next steps. Now you have to enter your adress and the desired payment-method. A few seconds after you have finished you will receive an automatically generated mail which confirms your order.

You see, whichever way you choose it's easy to use...

If you have any questions left, feel free to contact us:

What are my PAYMENT OPTIONS? How much are SHIPPING COSTS? How long does delivery take?

All infos about your payment options, shipping costs and delivery time you will find here:

Payment options, shipping costs and delivery time

If you have any questions left, feel free to contact us:

How does the Value-Added tax free delivery in *non* -EEC countries work?

We deliver without value-added tax (V.A.T.) to Non-EEC countries.

(We expect out customers to know about this, but young customers are often not familiar with this fact. Therefore we like to explain here how this works:)

When we deliver to Non-EEC countries, we take 19% off our prices, which is the German V.A.T. Hence, the price of the order is 19% less than the order would cost here in Germany or other EEC countries. The shipment will then be delivered to your country and the import duty and customs duties will be added to the price of your order. Please look up the current import duty and custom duties of your country at your customs authorities.

For Example:

A Swiss (Switzerland is a Non-EEC country) orderes skates, that cost 199,95 EUR at our OnlineShop!

199,95 EUR - 19% = 168,03 EUR (price without the German V.A.T.)
Shipping costs to Switzerland = 5 EUR
Hence he has to pay 173,03 EUR ( This is the total shown on the Grindhouse bill )

In Switzerland aproximetly 10% tax and custom duties are added to the price (10% is only an example, because on top of the 7,6% import duty comes the custom duty, which depends on the things you order.)

So these 10% are added to the bill by the Swiss customs:

10% of 173,03 EUR are 17,30 EUR
173,03 EUR + 17,30 EUR = 190,33 EUR
Hence he has to pay a total price of 190,33 EUR

IMPORTANT: If the Swiss orderes by Cash-on-Delivery (COD) he has to pay the total amount of 190,33 EUR when he recieves the shipment. On top of that he has to pay the COD fee, charged by the local postal-service.

If he wants to pay by credit-card, his credit-card will be charged 173,03 EUR by us and he has to pay the 17,30 EUR custom duties and tax, when he recieves the package from his postal-service.

If you have further questions feel free to mail us:

Can I change stuff or get my money back?

If you have ordered some clothes or items which were not in the right colour or size you can change them of course... or you can get your money back.

IMPORTANT: The products have to be unused! Used products will not be changed!

An exchange should be sent to:

Grindhouse GmbH

Altkönigstr. 12

65239 Hochheim


Just send back the products you do not like within 14 days after having received them.

The easiest way is to print and fill out the exchange form which you can download here:

Exchange document (pdf-document)

If you don’t have a printer you can also put in a little letter or a copy of the bill and write down what product you want to exchange or if you wish to get your money back.

If you want to have your money back, please give us your International Bank Account Number and the Bank Identity Code, called IBAN and BIC!

You have to pay for the shipping costs by yourself when you send us back your package! Please use your local postal service to send back the goods! When you want to exchange some items we will send you the new shipment for free (without shipping costs). Of course you can also add some items to your exchange. (This is very advantageously because you do not have to pay the shipping costs for the exchange order!!!)

If you have further questions feel free to mail us:

Reduced Product

XSJADO 2.0 Powerblading Skeleton
previously 259,95 EUR
only 149,95 EUR






GRINDHOUSE Grandma´s Nightmare Wax


RAZORS Humble 7 Backpack


USD Backpack
59,95 EUR


159,95 EUR


USD UFS Throne Evo 2014

Reduced Product

SEBA C.J. Wellsmore Carbon Pro
previously 399,95 EUR
only 299,95 EUR

Reduced Product

XSJADO 2.0 White BootOnly
previously 199,95 EUR
only 129,95 EUR
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* If not specified otherwise, prices are incl. VAT and excl. shipping costs
and are valid for shipments within Germany only. Select different country.